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Michigan cabins are as unique as the pioneers who built them. When I take my children to visit one, it feels like  American history is alive right in front of our eyes!

We talk and try to guess what kind of person built each structure based on the clues we see.  Sometimes its almost like fingerprints have been left for us, showing whether the family was artistic or business minded, whether they were rich or poor, whether they were lazy or industrious. We're sure not talking about any cookie cutter suburb houses here. 

Be sure to check out the Log Cabin Society of Michigan, which hosts Log Cabin Day on the last Sunday of every June.

One of Lansing's Oldest Buildings

Moon Log Cabin - Even large cabins can be moved successfully as this 2 story cabin with attic proves. You can visit it at the Woldumar Nature Center in the capital city.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Historic Michigan Cabins

The Kraitz cabin is the oldest building in the mainland part of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. (Check out another view here.) Built in approximately 1860, it is now being restored by a group of enthusiasts. You can follow their progress on the Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear facebook page.

North Unity School - The adventures of the European settlers who built this schoolhouse could be a movie! Either way, their construction techniques have certainly stood the test of time. Check out their tight corners.

Shalda Cabin - Another beauty from these Black Forest builders. I am wondering when the tin roof was put on this cabin and what the original roof was made from.

Old Victoria Mining Cabins, Rockland MI - These cabins are part of the Keweenaw National Historic Park Heritage Sites and are set up to show what miners lived like in the early 1900s. The museum's facebook page has tons of photos of the four cabins, plus many fun events being held.

Reenactor at Old Victoria CabinsReenactor at Old Victoria Cabins
Old Victoria CabinOld Victoria Cabin

Hanka Cabin, Keweenaw PeninsulaHanka Cabin, Keweenaw Peninsula

Hanka Homestead Finnish Museum - This is another of the Keweenaw Heritage sites built by an injured Finnish miner in 1896. The farm shows typical Scandinavian attention to form and beauty. For those working on restoration projects, there are numerous photos of the farm being restored by a large group of volunteers.

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