Woodworking Slick

Woodworking Slick Antique Slick

The woodworking slick is basically a large chisel with a handle that resembles a small baseball bat. I have also seen them with a long metal rod for a handle.

If function is your only goal here you can make one of these from a piece of leaf spring. Cut a 6 or 8” section and grind one end at the proper angle. Then weld a two foot rod on it and “slick away”.

This tool works well for flattening areas that need to be flat. I used mine on corner notches to smooth out the axe marks. Going across the grain worked well. As you get building you will probably find many other uses.

I will say that in my book this tool is overrated and due to collectors, they command too high a price. It seems to me most of us like the look of these old tools more than the labor they require to use properly. Of all these tools I used this is the one I could get away without having.