What is a good wood for a hatchet handle?

by Tim J.
(South Carolina)

I want to make a hatchet handle myself and am wondering what kinds of wood have you seen used? Have you made any of your woodworking tool handles yourself? I would like to have all authentic tools with nothing manufactured. My hatchet head is from an guy I know whose father was a smithy and he has promised me a couple other old tools.
Have a nice day.

Banjoe's answer:
Tim I have made my own hatchet handles. I have also made handles for other tools as well. My choice of wood is hickory.

Make sure the wood is seasoned and not green. If it is not seasoned it will shrink causing the head to loosen.

I shape the handle with a draw shave. Some times to save time I use a band saw or a sander to rough shape. Always finish shaping with the old tools to get that authentic look.

A nice coat or two of linseed oil makes a great finish on these type of tools. Some people get a propane torch and darken the wood. This needs to be done carefully to avoid burning the wood. I hope this helps.

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