Quick log fitting

by Reg Garratt

I built a log cabin in 1990 with a friend using the Swedish scribe fitting technique----it was awesome ----but took forever. What methods can be used to fit logs which can speed up the process and still look traditional?

Answer from Banjoe:
Well it really depends what look you are going for. The Swedish and Scandinavian styles tend to use round logs with little to no chinking. They are beautiful in their own way.

I love the Appalachian style hewn cabins (which also comes from Europe, Finland especially)with fairly thick lines of chinking. Since I have never built a Swedish scribed cabin, I can't speak from experience, but from what I hear, the hewn cabins go up MUCH quicker.

The only part you have to fit together is the corner notch so it is a lot less work. Let me know if you try to build one. I'd love to follow your progress!

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