Pictures of an octagon log home?

Do you have any pictures of an octagon log home?

Answer from Banjoe:
I looked in my files and did not find any pictures of an octagon shaped hewn log cabin, however I did find a picture online of an octagon shaped log cabin at a state park in Pennsylvania. You can see it here:

I also found this pretty octagonal rental cabin in Alaska
The joints on this cabin are very interesting...the way each log end has been shaped to match the angle of the house. I would have loved to watch it be built.

There are many octagon and other multi sided cordwood cabins, which look great, and also straw bale cabins in this shape. Both cordwood and straw bale houses use traditional building methods. You can find cordwood buildings from hundreds of years ago still standing in Europe. In the US, cordwood construction really took off in the 1800s.

I don't see why you couldn't make a hewn log cabin with more than four sides, though I am no architect. If anyone reading this has a perspective to share, please chime in.

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