Peeling Bark

by John
(Greenville Pa,U.S.A)

What is your opinion on peeling bark?

I have watched several videos on youtube on building a log cabin.
Some people strip the logs of bark and some do not. Is this a personal preference or is there a reason I am missing?

From Banjoe:
Peeling the logs is not just a personal opinion. When the bark is left on the log it provides a thriving environment for bugs. It also traps moisture and fosters rot and decay. I do strongly recommend removing all bark.

If your logs will never be getting wet then it would not hurt much to skip peeling bark.
Thanks for the question!

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Sep 07, 2011
Peeling bark off trees
by: Leonard Bynum

I am cutting trees for fence posts and will later use some in my home construction. I found that if you cut down the trees and cut them into the size lengths you need, and then leave them on the ground for a couple of months, the bugs will do a lot of the work for you. After the two months on the ground, you can use a flat tipped shovel and push the bark off the tree. It comes off easy.
I would recommend treating them with a home made treatment and left them dry in a barn until you wish to use them. Home made wood treatments are available at and articles on their site written by Michail Dutton who builds log buildings.

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