No question --just a thank you!

by Bill Fagan
(Asheville area)

Whispering Waters

Whispering Waters

September 8, 2013

Hi Banjoe:

I just stumbled across your site and love it. I will be using your mortar mix on the inside; so thank you very much.

Our home is somewhat different from the typical log home, but think it may be interesting to some of your following. We found a 100 year old log barn in Winston-Salem and had it taken down and moved here to the Asheville area.

This is our permanent home and we wanted to make it bigger and LEED certified: so we put the barn on a Superior Walls basement and added a timber frame loft. Started this project in early 2009 and still have a ways to go. We have a website, which may be of interest -

Whispering Waters

We have the windows in now and will be up dating our site soon.

We did blow closed cell foam in between the logs to make that part of our home air tight. The lath and mortar mix will be one of the next things on my list of things to do.

Thank you for your site. I am sure it is of tremendous value to any log home lover whether they are building or not.

Bill Fagan

From Banjoe:
Thank you, Bill, for your kind words! You have some great photos on your page. I took the liberty of sharing one here so others could see your cool project. Good luck!

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