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The mallet is one tool many people overlook but I have found them to be very helpful and important when working with wood. I have had several different ones, including several that ended up breaking or disintegrating. I recommend trying various types to find what works well for you.

Some are one solid piece of wood that has been turned on a lathe. Others are a large hammer style with a separate handle. You are looking for one that is comfortable and not too heavy. When you find your favorite style, it is a good idea to buy a few extras for back up. These break at the worst times when you do not have anything else around!

From a building supply store, you can purchase one made from some synthetic poly something or another. These come in all shapes and sizes. Urethane is another tough material that will outlast any made of wood.

You can also have fun making your own. With all the other cabin building tools around, they are easy to make on site. Try using some hickory, beech or maple wood. One day while I was building, I stopped for a little while to make a very large hammer with a 8-10” diameter head and a 26” handle. I used a hickory tree that I had cleared from the cabin site. My little boys and I named this tool The Persuader. During the notching process it helped many stubborn large oak logs get where they belonged! Here is a picture of The Persuader resting on a workbench that we also made on site.


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