Log Cabin Corner Notches

I am torn between standard log cabin corner notches and the butt and pass method. What are the advantages of the b-n-p method?

Banjoe answers:
I can't think of any advantages of the butt and pass method except for ease. I personally think it is unappealing and lacks craftsmanship. The v notch and the half dove tail are my personal favorites. Either of these log cabin corner notches are not that difficult to learn.

To me, the benefits of these log cabin corner notches are not only aesthetic. They are self locking and shed rain water.

Don't get me wrong, the butt and pass method will work, but if you are going to build a cabin that means something to you, I would try methods that challenge your skills and also look fantastic.

The first things I look at when I see a cabin are the corner notches and the chinking. These tell me about the builder and his skills.

Thanks for your question. Good luck and please send me a picture when you're done!

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