The hatchet I use most has a handle around 12-14 inches long with a rounded cutting edge. I used it almost every day in one way or another when building the cabin. I marked logs, chopped small branches
and used it to remove excess wood from various spots.

While notching a corner, trusty old hatchets are precise and take large chunks out quickly.


If you're careful the back flat side of the head can be used as a hammer for nails and other persuading. You will ruin the head if you're banging on it like a wedge with a bigger hammer.

Remember this is not a splitting maul. Hitting a hardened steel axe head with a hardened hammer head can cause shrapnel, chipping or other issues.

You can find most varieties reasonably cheap and readily available. There are many styles, including the broad style, roofing style and the newer ones with straight blades. I use one of the newer style only because a close friend gave it to me and it felt right. I have 4 or 5 broad hatchets that collect dust. That's the way it goes!