Free Woodworking Tools

   Getting free woodworking tools can be easier than you might think! So many people like log cabins that when they hear about your project, they often want to get involved somehow, even in a very small way. Other projects get people interested too, not just building log cabins.

    Sometimes a garage or barn sale will yield a treasure if you ask the seller about any old tools that might be hidden away somewhere. Even if you don’t see any boxes marked FREE TOOLS, just say something like, “Hey, I’m building an old pioneer style log cabin and I am looking for a tool called a [insert any tool you still need, such as broad axe]. Do you have any old tools?”

    I have had numerous people give me free tools when I told them I was building a cabin by hand. Just start talking about YOUR project and see what happens. Also I always try to remember that I will reap what I I try to be generous with my own tools if I see someone who could use them.