Draw Knife

The draw knife is a must have tool when you are working with logs. I have several sizes and shapes. The size that seems to work best for general use is a curved draw knife with a blade about 14” long. I bought it one on Ebay a few years ago for $10.00.

Curved Draw Knife

When I opened the box I discovered the blade was an old file a blacksmith had reworked. I was a bit disappointed until I started using it. This one is now my favorite and I have used it to shave many logs, spindles and other pieces.

The curve and wide handles work well for peeling bark as a straight drawknife keeps your knuckles too close to the work. Also the curved blade has less of a tenancy to grab and skip into the wood.

Before you go and spend a lot of money on a fancy straight version, consider an old curved one. If you are using it to peel bark there will be dirt and rocks from skidding the log. As a result your knife will take a beating. Fancy little tools are fine for furniture but many get cast aside as you face the reality of 24-30” oak logs.

Straight Drawknife