Chinking for Mid 1800s log home

by Curt
(Union Co. NC)

Our log home is only half logs from the mid 1800s and the other half was an addition from the early 1930s and all of it was covered with Hardy board siding before we bought it. The inside was covered with all kinds of things but we were able to finally get down to the logs. We want the logs exposed in the interior but they are in need of chinking. Is there a detailed description of your chinking process on your website? I looked around but could only find your recipe. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. I tried to upload pics but couldn't today, I will try again later.


Answer from Banjoe
Dear Curt,
I have an ebook coming out very shortly and in it, I go into detail on this subject and many others. If you have a little time before you need to get started, you could be one of the first to check out this info and give me some feedback!

If you are in a hurry, let me know (thru the comments on this page) and we can talk on the phone or something. ---Banjoe

PS-Can you tell if there is any insulation material in between the logs (between the exterior and interior chinking?) Also, do you ever plan on taking off the exterior siding to expose the logs there too?

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Oct 07, 2013
Same situation!
by: Lynda

Hello, we are in the same situation here in N. Alabama. Our home was built in 1840, and added onto in the 1920s. We are restoring the home and trying to mitigate all the damage to the addition from termites, rot, and mold.

In our process of gutting the newer rooms we have found some of the walls of the cabin. They have lovely, tight fitting, grooved joints, but not a lick of chinking to be found. The inside walls are all sealed by tongue and groove pine which also appears to be in excellent condition. This is encouraging!

You mention a book you are writing about restoration of the heritage cabins, and I am eager to see it. It is my intention to expose the cabins walls on the inside and to rechink them. We are considering whitewashing the interior walls too, as we have read this was a traditional thing to do.

Looking forward to your comments and advice.

PS:If you like, you can see where we are in this process here: Email: farmlet(at)att(dot)net

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