Building Log Cabin Playhouse

by Kyle
(west alex, ohio, preple)

I want to try building a log cabin playhouse for my nephews - something cheap but still nice. Any advice?

From Banjoe:
Dear Kyle,
Building a log cabin playhouse would be a great way to start learning to work with logs! Because your sides are shorter, you will be able to handle the logs with no machinery needed. In fact, depending on the diameter of the logs you choose, you may not even need a helper.

If the logs you have available are wide, you may even want to split them down the middle and use half logs to save on the number of trees you need to cut.

With a playhouse, you may want to leave your walls unchinked with spaces between for the boys to look out. This would obviously be a lot less work. Its just up to you if you want a playhouse that will keep out the rain, etc.

Come to think of it, the boys might have a lot more fun, if you let them help build the structure. You could get everything ready and then put the whole thing together in a day or two.
What an accomplishment for a young boy!

Hope you have fun!

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