Build Your Own Log Cabin With Free Help

Build your own log cabin? Of course! But why do it alone when there is so much volunteer help to be had? Even the pioneers teamed up with neighbors when they could, to make difficult jobs easier and enjoyable.

Begin by recruiting your family and friends. If someone shows an interest in log cabins, ask them to help for a few hours.

Think ahead and choose jobs that are not too boring or exhausting. You don’t want to put a first timer off alone peeling logs all day while you are busy with other things. Try to strike a nice balance between keeping things enjoyable for your helpers and actually accomplishing work.

Don’t spend all your time entertaining, but don’t be so task oriented that your helpers never return. Ease them into the harder jobs as they show persistence and aptitude...

You may be fortunate enough to find a couple who come again and again, developing skills right along side you!

Go-fers and general help are great, but sometimes a really experienced hand can set you far ahead. It pays to make friends with craftsman, contractors and other log cabin builders wherever you go.

Ask for advice and you may receive much more than talk. For instance, some of my skilled carpenter friends have offered to make my windows. They enjoy the challenge of crafting something out of the ordinary. Sometimes you can exchange free labor for specific help you need. If you make it a practice to give others free help, you’ll reap what you sow.

Work Parties: Most of the time, one or two helpers at a time is best, but here and there you can really plan ahead and invite a whole group for a big job. During your work party, expect to spend all your time supervising. Some of the good group jobs are site clean up, log peeling, digging foundation holes, roofing, and inserting metal lathe (to prep for chinking).