The Broad Axe

The broad axe is a favorite to have around. Of all the tools used in building a cabin this is the father. When you’re finished with the cabin, hang it on the wall with honor.

Broad Ax

This tool was made to be left or right handed depending on which side the handle was put in. Some people work best using a right handed axe while others like me seem to be able to use both. Either way you will want to get a handle that curves away from the blade.

I'll try to make this simple. Lay the head flat side down and the handle should have a gradual curve up away from the ground. This is necessary because you will hit your knuckles on the log if it is not curved away from the log face.

Do not buy an old rusty pitted axe head! The heavy pitting will never let the cutting edge be properly sharpened. My experience has led me to prefer the broad head axe with the raised ridge in the center. The cutting edge is usually bigger also (12-14 inches) on these. They do not get stuck in the wood like the older more flat heads. It is a good idea to have an extra handle available since you might break one. It is no fun to have work stop because of something like this.

Remember when chopping to let this tool do the work for you.  If you use it like a hatchet it will wear you out in less than an hour. Instead raise it up and let its own weight bring it down. This will give you the fastest results for the least amount of energy.